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COCONUT SUGAR - Coconut Palm Sugar - Coconut Sugar Price - Coconut Sugar Export Quality

Dobu Coconut Sugar is a Coconut Sugar Organic supplier from Indonesia. Our product made from pure coconut sap and producted by coconut sugar farmer in Central Java, Indonesia. We have Organic Certificate from Control Union (CU).

What is Coconut Sugar?

Coconut Sugar is a natural sweetener. Give us sweet with natural taste, with Low Glicymax Index. Coconut sugar is one of palm sugar. It included in Palmae Family. Therefore we often listen coconut sugar with Coconut Palm Sugar.

Coconut sugar often used in many food and beverage. Such us tradisional culinay, cake, biscuits, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, kecap, jam, etc.

Organic Coconut Sugar
How to Order?

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Coconut Sugar USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Rusia, Australia, Germany, England, UK, Italy, China, Brunei Darussalam, Philipine, Hongkong, Canada, Swiss, Spain, Holand, Denmark, Korea, Vietnam, Uni Emirat Arab, Saudi Arabia.

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